John Swallow Petition

Aaron Christner a former businessman who has started an online petition asking for John Swallow the Current Attorney General of Utah to step down from his post.

There has been a few claims in the paper about John Swallow since his inauguration this earlier this month and by the sounds of things it seems that more is piling on. An Advocate group based out of Utah has filed and official complaint against Mr. Swallow just recently and claim that he has broken 5 rules in terms related to the AG’s office. -reported by the Sltrib and Deseret News..

the Attorney General of Utah petition

Attorney General  petition

We will have to wait and see how things shake out for Utah’s Attorney General as this mess can take weeks if not months to sort out. In the meantime Utah House Members finally have called for someone to look at the ethics reform in Utah, which really does come as a surprise to most as they have battled against this type of reform for years.

Does it mean the political landscape could be changing soon? Don’t hold your breathe… The “good ol boy club” still have their hands around the peoples necks in Utah.