A-Rod taking roids again?

Is Alex Rodriguez on Steroids again? According to a Miami Paper A-Rod was on a list of baseball players accused of taking PED’s again. On that list was Melky Cabrera and other notable players. The Yankees are now trying to distance themselves and get out of contract with A-Rod.  You really start to see more and more PED use over the years in all major sports and activities. For Athletes these days they have no boundaries to get the upper edge or to that top performance. They don’t care what goes in or out of their bodies as long as they perform weekly, daily or yearly at their best peak.

This really draws bad attention for younger athletes as more and more kids are juicing in High School and JUCO “junior college” more than ever. I honestly don’t believe a lot of data out there and anyone can make up a “fake poll” so lets try one out and see really if we can get feedback as I can promise you that PED and Steroid use are far more common than the average person suspects.