Utah Medicaid Waiver is misguided policy

I haven’t been on this site for a long long time.  Recently I have ventured into healthcare and have began fighting for people. Healthcare is a civil right and not a privilege. Attached is an OP-Ed I did and Utah Policy’s Bryan Schott was kind enough to run the piece for me. Read up as there is some serious concerns about Utah’s pending “work Mandate” .. I will look forward to getting back into better habits of posting updates and new policies.

Synthetic Weed Causes Strokes

A report broke out on CNN today as a young girl was hit close to death while taking Synthetic Weed. This fake weed along with bath salts have become a new boom among young and teen users. It has been known to cause stokes, sickness, depressions, mood swings, psychotic break outs and many other serious things.

More and more teens are looking for the “new hip drug” to use and it’s our jobs as citizens to protect our youth. I mean we need to clean up these synthetic forms of drugs and crack down on those whom sale them

Emily Bauer used synthetic weed and had a stroke.

Emily Bauer used synthetic weed and had a stroke.


I hope more kids get involved and understand the real risks of huffing, synthetic weed, heroin and bath salts. Chemicals are terrible and kids need to understand the cold hard facts. Hell parents need to understand the cold hard facts which are these synthetic drugs are horrible kill our communities.


I only hope more kids don’t go through this same sort of pain that this family has only began to feel.