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Aaron Christner Utah

Published on Jan 24, 2013
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John Swallow “Shook Me Down”

Jeremy Johnson held an interview last night with Fox 13 news about What Johnson Calls “Swallows Shake Down” . Johnson has changed his tone and view on Swallow and this is just the latest turn in the crazy story line. Also Jeremy Johnson’s lawyer Nathan Crane has asked to withdrawal himself from the case which is a little bit explained by Johnson in the video below.

Also Swallow has told and believed to promise Johnson a lot of things:

Over the course of the conversations, Johnson says he told Swallow paying Rawle would take all the money he had for a defense attorney, ”and his exact words were ‘trust me Jeremy, this is better than an attorney. You won’t need an attorney.’”

Which doesn’t seemed far fetched of Mr. Swallow to say this. I mean if he is willing to speak about “burner phones” from Walmart what else can we expect John Swallow to speak about?

Jeremy Johnson Interview

A-Rod taking roids again?

Is Alex Rodriguez on Steroids again? According to a Miami Paper A-Rod was on a list of baseball players accused of taking PED’s again. On that list was Melky Cabrera and other notable players. The Yankees are now trying to distance themselves and get out of contract with A-Rod.  You really start to see more and more PED use over the years in all major sports and activities. For Athletes these days they have no boundaries to get the upper edge or to that top performance. They don’t care what goes in or out of their bodies as long as they perform weekly, daily or yearly at their best peak.

This really draws bad attention for younger athletes as more and more kids are juicing in High School and JUCO “junior college” more than ever. I honestly don’t believe a lot of data out there and anyone can make up a “fake poll” so lets try one out and see really if we can get feedback as I can promise you that PED and Steroid use are far more common than the average person suspects.

Gabrielle Gifford speaks to the senate

The time to act on gun violence has come, former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords — wounded in a 2011 shooting — told senators today.

Gifford was gunned down in an Arizona Shopping center along with other victims. Senate has made a strong push on guns laws and reforms. I am a little surprised this argument hasn’t faded as quickly as it has in the past with law makers. Hopefully these tragedies will wake Americans up.

Ryan Scott Jensen

Orrin Hatch on Blast

Orrin Hatch has been the latest Utah politician to be put on blast by the media. Hatch slipped in legistlation that helps or coddles to a drug company that has donated heavily to him over the years! I believe This ties into a whole tangled mess of politics in the State of Utah right now.

John swallow is one of the drones for Hatch, this whole ethical battle in Utah goes from Orrin Hatch to Gary Herbert on Down to Swallow with many other key players tied into the “good ol boy club”.  This is depressing and sad Utahans that you allow yourselves to get pushed around, and snowed like this by your very own elected officials!~

If Utah doesn’t stand up for it’s self after this mess of ethic battles, bribes, sneaky legislation being passed, hidden agendas and god knows what else they do behind the scenes. Then Utah will have a very hard time removing this black cloud.


This is a recording that Hit the Salt Lake Tribune January the 29th of 2013 the recording is from April 30th, 2012. This is the type of things that go on locally and a National level inside of politics. WE as Americans have obligations to ourselves and this type of behavior is self inflicted. WE allow this to happen and it needs to change.

I believe this is a black eye that the Utah’s Attorney General  John Swallow will never be able to shake. Also we really need to think do we want our top law enforcement officer buying a “burner phone” from Walmart? That’s what typical drug dealer, or criminal would do. They would do things to cover their tracks. I am sure This recording and flutter of stories from the SL Trib over the few weeks should only raise more questions for ALL politicians at ever level State and Federal.

Gary Herbert IS backing an ethic committee after John Swallow Scandal

Gary Herbert finally speaks out about the John Swallow scandal and confirms that he believes we need ethic reforms but maintains the fact that John Swallow made some mistakes. I find it appalling that Governor Herbert can say that we need an ethics panel but he will still allow Swallow to retain his post even after his “ethic lapse”.

Gary Herbert doesn’t want an investigation either because he has done just as much dirt if not more shady and back door dealings just like Mark Shurtleff and John Swallow.

Only a few of the small examples would be, DABC (liquor) problems, UDOT problems, Now a Swallow Scandal. Sounds like the governor is having a free for all in office. Keep in mind this is a short rattling of a long list of shady dealings with these guys. Most Utahans are shocked that the Utah GOP would even agree to an ethics reform. “well over due”.

Gary Herbert is covering for John Swallow

Gary Herbert is covering for John Swallow


Hell I will be honest… I am surprised The Governor got behind Ethics reform! I am stunned that he said Swallow would only need to resign if he were convicted??? Sounds like the whole office from the Governor down has Ethic issues… You can say Mr. Swallow didn’t break the law, however if we are going to change the laws and rules because of this scenario, obviously Mr. Swallow shouldn’t be in office and is doing some unethical things. It goes much farther than putting and ethics committee together.  Especially if the ones violating the ethics put the Committee in place? Not very Smart Utah!

Hillary Clinton on Benghazi

Hillary Clinton goes on a wonderful war path with Republicans that scold her and tell her that she did a terrible job on this Benghazi Situation.

Hillary Clinton fires back–

Shouting and gesturing with her arms in frustration, Clinton shoots back: “With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night decided they’d go kill some Americans?”

Her fists shaking, she continued: “What difference, at this point, does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, senator.”

It wasn’t an easy meeting to sit through, let alone being in that hot seat like Hillary was. Republicans are attacking Democrats and issues that really don’t matter. I am not saying that 4 Americans should be excuse-able. I am confused that they will attack things hard when they can  point the finger but they will never reach out with that  finger to help. This goes for most democrats as well. I think every politician should take a look in the mirror and ask themselves some hard questions of why and how they are going to better America

John Swallow Petition

Aaron Christner a former businessman who has started an online petition asking for John Swallow the Current Attorney General of Utah to step down from his post.

There has been a few claims in the paper about John Swallow since his inauguration this earlier this month and by the sounds of things it seems that more is piling on. An Advocate group based out of Utah has filed and official complaint against Mr. Swallow just recently and claim that he has broken 5 rules in terms related to the AG’s office. -reported by the Sltrib and Deseret News..

the Attorney General of Utah petition

Attorney General  petition

We will have to wait and see how things shake out for Utah’s Attorney General as this mess can take weeks if not months to sort out. In the meantime Utah House Members finally have called for someone to look at the ethics reform in Utah, which really does come as a surprise to most as they have battled against this type of reform for years.

Does it mean the political landscape could be changing soon? Don’t hold your breathe… The “good ol boy club” still have their hands around the peoples necks in Utah.